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Hacking the Linux Desktop (3 tags)
Modifying stuff to suit individual desire is the credo of hackers everywhere. These two excerpts from Linux Desktop Hacks let you modify Linux to suit your desires: The first hack uses Virtual Network Computer (VNC) to access Windows and Mac OS X from your Linux desktop. The second shows how to lock down KDE with Kiosk mode, allowing you to control exactly what users can and can't change.

Homemade Dot-Mac: Remote Control (3 tags)
Ever dreamed of having remote access to your Mac? This edition of Homemade Dot-Mac proves that having remote access, actually getting to see your screen and take control of your mouse, is a lot easier than you ever imagined. Alan Graham promises that it's quick and painless using VNC.

Control Your Mac from Afar (3 tags)
Do you want to control your Mac, or one that you're responsible for, from a remote location? If you're running Mac OS X, you can take advantage of a variety of built-in Unix and AppleScript tools to control your computer from afar. Harold Martin shows you how.