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Printing XML: Why CSS Is Better than XSL (3 tags)
One of the old school debates among XML developers is "CSS versus XSLT." Håkun Wium Lie and Michael Day revive that debate with a shot across XSL's bow.

Understanding W3C Schema Complex Types (3 tags)
W3C XML Schemas aren't so hard, says Donald Smith. In four steps he shows how to easily understand and use complex types.

Semantic Web Interest Group (2 tags)
Reporting from the first W3C Semantic Web Interest Group meeting in Cannes, France, Kendall Clark describes the wealth of activity in the semantic web world.

The Politics of Schemas: Part 2 (2 tags)
Having established in the first half of this essay that schemas are essentially political, this second installment examines the relevance of this to the XML community, and avenues for further consideration.

The Politics of Schemas: Part 1 (2 tags)
As the world is codified one schema at a time, what are the consequences and implications? This first half of a two-part essay examines why schemas are essentially political.