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How to Create a REST Protocol (10 tags)
In his first installment of's new column, The Restful Web, Joe Gregorio, one of the people behind Atom, explains how to use REST to create an application protocol in four easy steps.

Show Me the Code (4 tags)
Joe Gregorio returns with another Restful Web column, taking up the issue of designing a REST protocol for your application.

Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines (3 tags)
Hao He offers guidelines and best practices for implementing REST web services.

REST and the Real World (3 tags)
Following on from his "Next Generation Web Services" article, Paul Prescod shows how the REST model for web services meets real world demands such as security, auditing and orchestration.

Dispatching in a REST Protocol Application (3 tags)
Joe Gregorio, in his latest Restful Web column, shows us how to write dispatch code to handle REST requests.