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Use Your Digital Camera with Linux (4 tags)
With the holidays over, it's time to pause, reflect, and clean up a bit. Why not download the photos from your digital camera? Don't worry, it's easy under Linux. Robert Bernier demonstrates the killer combination of gphoto2, ImageMagick, and digiKam.

Using Your Webcam for Surveillance (4 tags)
Webcams can be used for more than videoconferencing--they can be used for surveillance as well. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to do it in a few easy steps.

Industrial-Strength Wireless Webcam (3 tags)
You may have been tempted by wireless webcams that promise big, but deliver flimsy images at low bandwidth. Here's how to leverage your existing wireless network to set up a portable webcam for less than $25.

Making Movies with the Apple iSight (2 tags)
Online conferencing is great, but what else can you do with your new iSight? Actually, quite a bit. In this first installment of an ongoing series, Derrick Story shows you how to make professional-looking QuickTime movies with just an iSight and some very inexpensive software.