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Sliding into WebDAV (39 tags)
The Jakarta Slide project provides client- and server-side WebDAV capabilities for Java, effectively turning an HTTP connection into a remote file system. Andrew Anderson takes a look.

Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV (14 tags)
Apple is more than happy to host your iCal calendars via its Dot-Mac service. But you can serve your own calendars, and even have them automatically update subscriber versions, by using WebDAV. Erik Ray shows you how.

A Day in the Life of #Apache (4 tags)
If you've tried editing in WebDAV, you've likely encountered a permissions problem, as well as the problem of needing to edit your PHP files. Rich Bowen has a simple and effective solution to both of these problems in his latest #apache column. Rich is a coauthor of O'Reilly's Apache Cookbook.

WebDAV on OS X (3 tags)
WebDav support in Mac OS X (Public Beta 1) allows for simple remote management of web content. Here's how to start using it now.