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Migrating a WebLogic EJB Application to JBoss (15 tags)
WebLogic and JBoss both offer powerful and popular EJB servers, but they're not completely compatible: an application deployed on one won't immediately deploy on the other. In this article, Deepak Vohra shows how to alter the deployment descriptors to make the migration.

Web FORM-Based Authentication (4 tags)
Dion walks you through the various security settings that can be set up in the Web Application framework, going into detail on how you can set up FORM-based authentication.

Understanding Classloaders: log4j in a J2EE Environment (3 tags)
EJBs are a little different from the normal J2EE world. Part of that difference lies in the app server's classloaders. While demonstrating how to use log4j with EJB applications, Vikram Goyal explains how classloaders work and how to use them.