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How Java Web Servers Work (14 tags)
At the heart, web servers are really very simple. If you can set up a socket connection and parse some headers, you're well on the way to writing your own mini web server. Though Apache and Tomcat are already stable, mature, and featureful, you may find yourself curious as to how they work--or interested in something a little smaller and easier to embed. In this article, Budi Kurniawan demonstrates a basic Java web server.

Lightweight Web Serving with thttpd (5 tags)
Apache httpd is full of features and abilities, but sometimes it's too heavy for simple sites or static pages. In some cases, a simpler, lighter web server is a good alternative (or addition). Julio M. Merino Vidal demonstrates how to install and configure the simple, fast, and powerful thttpd to serve simple static and generated content very quickly.

How to Write a Cocoa Web Server (3 tags)
Learn how to use NSSocketPort, NSFileHandle, and Cocoa notifications to write a server application without having to create a multi-threaded application. Jürgen Schweizer also shows how to use Core Foundation APIs to deal with the low-level details of the HTTP protocol in this working example of building a Cocoa web server.

Compiling and Enabling GD in PHP 4.3 (3 tags)
PHP 4.3 ships with a bundled version of the GD graphics library. Unfortunately, compiling it successfully can still be troublesome. Marco Tabini explains how to make PHP and GD play together nicely--no matter what you want to accomplish.

Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1 (2 tags)
In this first part of a multi-part series, Kevin Hemenway shows you how to start serving web pages directly from your Mac using its built-in Apache server.