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Automating Windows Applications with Win32::OLE (16 tags)
Many Windows applications are surprisingly automable through OLE, COM, DCOM, et cetera. Even better, this automation works through Perl as well. Henry Wasserman walks through the process of discovering how to automate Internet Explorer components to automate web testing from Perl.

Automated GUI Testing (5 tags)
Automation is the friend of testing. If you can drive your program with a script, you can test it. How does that work with GUIs, though? In the Windows world, one solution is the Win32::GuiTest module. George Nistorica demonstrates how to use it.

Using Python, Jython, and Lucene to Search Outlook Email (2 tags)
Ever had trouble finding a particular email? So did Jon Udell, so he put together Python, Jython and Lucene in order to create a local web service that indexed his Microsoft Outlook mail store.