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Show Me the Code (5 tags)
Joe Gregorio returns with another Restful Web column, taking up the issue of designing a REST protocol for your application.

What Is Service-Oriented Architecture (5 tags)
Service-Oriented Architecture underpins most modern web services. It aims to achieve loose coupling between interacting software agents in order to preserve the benefits of reusability, extensibility and simplicity.

WS-Security in the Enterprise, Part 1: Problem Introduction (5 tags)
WS-Security doesn't exist in a vacuum--in an enterprise, it must work with many other systems, which means dealing with other access control systems and potential incompatibilities. Denis Pilupchuk begins his series on integrating WS-Security and enterprise systems by spelling out where the problem lies and what pieces need to be created to resolve it.

SOA Made Real (3 tags)
In his latest column, Rich Salz puts his money where his mouth is by showing how to use his style of WSDL and XML schema to build the client side of a geolocation web service.

Creating Web Services with Apache Axis (3 tags)
Are Web services like high school sex (everybody talks about it, but few do it)? Not with tools like Apache Axis, which make creating Web services clean and easy.