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Understanding Overloading in WSDL (7 tags)
The initial reference to overloading in the WSDL 1.1 specification is limited, a situation that left many new users of WSDL unsure where to turn to for clarification. Randy Ray, coauthor of Programming Web Services with Perl sheds light on the issue by explaining how to express overloaded interfaces in WSDL.

Really Simple Web Service Descriptions (6 tags)
In his newest column, Rich Salz outlines a proposal for an interface definition language, called RSWS, that's simpler than WSDL and tuned for document-style services.

SOA Made Simple (5 tags)
Rich Salz shows us how to create WSDL descriptions of web services simply and easily, using rather a lot of boilerplate.

Creating Web Services with Apache Axis (4 tags)
Are Web services like high school sex (everybody talks about it, but few do it)? Not with tools like Apache Axis, which make creating Web services clean and easy.

WSDL 2: Just Say No (4 tags)
Rich Salz returns to, after a long absence, to explain why WSDL 2 is so flawed.