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Advanced SiteMesh (2 tags)
Developing a web application with a consistent look and feel isn't easy, especially if parts of the site use different underlying technologies. But as Sunil Patil shows, SiteMesh offers a solution, with servlet filters called "decorators" that apply your appearance late in the game.

Custom Error Pages with PHP and Apache (2 tags)
Turn your "Page Not Found", or "404" messages into more than just bland error reports. Serve an alternate page based on the name of the page that was not found, create a page on the fly from a database, or send an email about the not-found page to a webmaster. David Sklar, coauthor of PHP Cookbook, shows you how, using PHP and Apache.

The Atom API (2 tags)
In his latest Dive into XML column Mark Pilgrim explains the basic operations of the Atom API, with special reference to the precedent APIs.

Atom Authentication (2 tags)
Mark Pilgrim explains why the Atom developers are using a new kind of authentication scheme, and he explains why it's necessary.

Using Qpsmtpd (2 tags)
While email is increasingly a worker's most important communication medium, the onslaught of attacks from spam, viruses, and other malicious email content is ever increasing. By implementing a mail server in Perl, you can use your favorite language to mitigate those attacks and provide greater flexibility in processing incoming mail. Matt Sergeant shows how to install, configure, and write plugins for Qpsmtpd.