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Xcode for the Rest of Us, Part II (9 tags)
Apple's Developer Tools are not just for the propeller-head set. There are applications and utilities within that can make you more productive, solve tough problems faster, and--dare we say?--put a measure of control into your workday. Shelley Weiner shows you some very practical Xcode tools, with a focus on FileMerge.

Integrating Ant with Xcode (5 tags)
Building Java code on multiple platforms is a problem facing many Java developers. One effective answer is Ant, an open-source tool hosted by the Apache Group. Derek Haidle shows you how to incorporate this tool with Xcode.

Unit Testing with OCUnit (5 tags)
Are you sure your code works -- all of it? If you make a change in one place, can you be sure you haven't broken something else? Testing frameworks can help you make sure. In this article, Jim Menard shows you how OCUnit can become part of the solution.

How to Write a Cocoa Web Server (4 tags)
Learn how to use NSSocketPort, NSFileHandle, and Cocoa notifications to write a server application without having to create a multi-threaded application. Jürgen Schweizer also shows how to use Core Foundation APIs to deal with the low-level details of the HTTP protocol in this working example of building a Cocoa web server.

Modding Apple Sample Code (4 tags)
Erica Sadun dives into Apple's sample code archive and shows how to modify MovieVideoChart to create a comic-book-like video layout tool. Learn a structured approach to taking advantage of the wealth of sample code that Apple provides for developers.