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Top 10 XForms Engines (15 tags)
Micah Dubinko, one of the gurus of XForms, offers a rundown on the state of XForms engines for 2005.

XForms and Microsoft InfoPath (8 tags)
Micah Dubinko, author of XForms Essentials, compares W3C XForms and Microsoft InfoPath, the data gathering technology shipping with Microsoft Office 2003.

Ten Favorite XForms Engines (7 tags)
The author of O'Reilly's XForms Essentials describes ten software packages that implement the W3C's XForms specification, seen as the XML-friendly successor to HTML forms.

XML Forms, Web Services and Apache Cocoon (6 tags)
Server side business logic is often invariant with respect to the client device. Ivelin Ivanov shows how the Cocoon XMLForm framework addresses the concern of separating the purpose from the presentation of a form, maximizing its reusability for a variety of client devices.

Extending SVG for XForms (6 tags)
This month's SVG column, the first of a two-part series, explains the first steps in using SVG, CSS, and EcmaScript to build XForms applications.