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Sweetening Your Xgrid with Cocoa (7 tags)
Last time, Drew McCormack took you through the changes that Xgrid has seen in Tiger, showed you how to setup a private Xgrid controller, and run simple jobs with the Xgrid command-line tool. This time he takes a look at XGridFoundation, a framework that allows you to integrate Xgrid into your Cocoa applications.

Integrating Xgrid into Cocoa Applications, Part 2 (5 tags)
Last week in Part 1, Drew McCormack showed you how to install and start using Xgrid. Now in Part 2, he covers integration with Cocoa using a little program called Photo Industry. This will be an Xgrid-enabled app, and what's more, it will be a standalone app, not an Xgrid client plugin.

Integrating Xgrid into Cocoa Applications, Part 1 (3 tags)
In this first of two articles exploring Xgrid, Drew McCormack provides you with a little background information, then moves to installation, and finishes off with a command-line script for distributing compilation using Xgrid.

Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age (3 tags)
In this first of two articles, Drew McCormack shows you how to set up a small Xgrid for testing purposes, submit simple jobs to the grid with the command line interface (CLI), and query their progress. The second article will be a Cocoa Tour de Force, involving new Tiger technologies like Automator and Core Image, in addition to Xgrid.