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The Road to XHTML 2.0: MIME Types (32 tags)
In his latest Dive Into XML column, Mark Pilgrim begins another multipart series by setting out along the road to XHTML 2.0. The first stop is the tricky MIME types issue.

What Are Microformats (16 tags)
Micah Dubinko asks what microformats are and whether they are here to stay.

Developing Wireless Content using XHTML Mobile (11 tags)
XHTML Mobile provides an answer to the proliferation of incompatible mobile markup solutions. Find out how to make mobile content, and ensure backwards compatibility.

Microformats in Context (9 tags)
Uche Ogbuji takes a careful look at microformats and concludes that while, in practice, they suffer from serious non-trivial problems, the basic idea offers an interesting basis upon which to build interesting data formats, particularly in conjunction with complementary technologies.

A Simpler Ajax Path (8 tags)
After years of hacks, tricks, and workarounds, there's finally a cross-browser, cross-platform way to communicate between client and server in web applications. Matthew Eernisse demonstrates how to send and receive structured data with XMLHttpRequest and shows off some tricks to make debugging and error handling easier.