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XML-RPC: It Works Both Ways (14 tags)
Creating your own remote procedure server is easy with Python's xmlrpclib. Dave Warner shows you how to put it to work for you.

The Atom API (7 tags)
In his latest Dive into XML column Mark Pilgrim explains the basic operations of the Atom API, with special reference to the precedent APIs.

XML-RPC in Python (5 tags)
Take advantage of this lightweight method for using services on other computers with Python's xmlrpclib module.

Meerkat: The XML-RPC Interface (2 tags)
Meerkat, O'Reilly Network's Open Wire Service, extends its open API with XML-RPC, affording a more standardised XML-based interface to its aggregated RSS database.

XSLT Web Service Clients (2 tags)
Bob DuCharme shows how easily XSLT processors can retrieve and use data from RESTful web services.