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Understanding W3C Schema Complex Types (10 tags)
W3C XML Schemas aren't so hard, says Donald Smith. In four steps he shows how to easily understand and use complex types.

W3C XML Schema Design Patterns: Dealing With Change (2 tags)
Designing schemas that support data evolution is beneficial in situations where the structure of the XML documents being processed may change as the application matures, but still need to be validated with the original schema.

Using W3C XML Schema (2 tags)
A comprehensive introduction to XML Schema, a W3C XML language for describing and constraining the content of XML documents. Includes quick reference tables.

W3C XML Schema Design Patterns: Avoiding Complexity (2 tags)
Previous attempts to define an effective subset of W3C XML Schema have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, says Dare Obasanjo, who proposes a less conservative set of guidelines for working with W3C XML Schema.

Using XML Catalogs with JAXP (2 tags)
XML Catalogs offer a way to manage local copies of public DTDs, schemas, or any XML resource that exists outside of the referring XML instance document. Find out how to use them in Java with JAXP.