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Printing XML: Why CSS Is Better than XSL (36 tags)
One of the old school debates among XML developers is "CSS versus XSLT." Håkun Wium Lie and Michael Day revive that debate with a shot across XSL's bow.

Automating Stylesheet Creation (13 tags)
Bob DuCharme shows how an XSLT stylesheet can read simplified XML-conversion instructions and create a new, working XSLT stylesheet from those instructions.

Comparing CSS and XSL: A Reply from Norm Walsh (11 tags)
Norm Walsh responds to a recent article about CSS and XSL, explaining how and when and why you'd want to use XSLFO or CSS or XSLT.

Never Mind the Namespaces: An XSLT RSS Client (7 tags)
In his latest Transforming XML column, Bob DuCharme develops a simple, yet functional RSS aggregation client in XSLT.

Making Your RSS Feed Look Pretty in a Browser (7 tags)
As more and more non-techie websites offer syndication feeds, a growing number of non-technical readers are clicking on the links and filling their screens with confusing XML. But syndication content doesn't have to look like geeky markup or malformed text in your readers' browsers. You can make it look quite pretty, and give clues to what the feed is actually for. Ben Hammersley, author of Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom, shows you how.