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The XSLDataGrid: XSLT Rocks Ajax (30 tags)
Lindsey Simon describes XSLDataGrid, an approach to dynamic display of tabular data using XSLT and Ajax.

Automating Stylesheet Creation (30 tags)
Bob DuCharme shows how an XSLT stylesheet can read simplified XML-conversion instructions and create a new, working XSLT stylesheet from those instructions.

XSLT Web Service Clients (23 tags)
Bob DuCharme shows how easily XSLT processors can retrieve and use data from RESTful web services.

XML to PDF? Oh, FOP It. (20 tags)
FOP is an open source Java API for converting XML data to PDF and other formats. This article shows you how it's done.

Amazon's Web Services and XSLT (19 tags)
In his latest Transforming XML column, Bob DuCharme introduces us to the XSLT processing-service component of Amazon's web services.