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Mozilla as a Development Platform: An Interview with Axel Hecht (7 tags)
Axel Hecht is a member of Mozilla Europe's board of directors, and a major contributor to the Mozilla project. At O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention (October 17-20), Dr. Hecht will be talking about Mozilla as a development platform. O'Reilly Network interviewed Dr. Hecht to find out if the long-held dream of Mozilla as a development platform was about to come true.

Roll Your Own Browser (6 tags)
Here's a look at using the Mozilla toolkit to customize, or even create your own browser, by Brian King, coauthor of Creating Applications with Mozilla.

Remote Application Development with Mozilla (5 tags)
This article explores the uses for remote XUL (loaded from a Web server), contrasts its capabilities with those of local XUL (installed on a user's computer), explains how to deploy remote XUL, and gives examples of existing applications.

Remote Application Development with Mozilla, Part 2 (4 tags)
In their first article, Brian King, coauthor of Creating Applications with Mozilla, and Myk Melez looked at the benefits of remote application development using Mozilla technologies such as XUL and web services support. In this article, they present a case study of one such application, the Mozilla Amazon Browser, a tool for searching Amazon's catalogs.

Fooling with XUL - Part 2 (3 tags)