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Zero Configuration Networking: Using the Java APIs, Part 2 (6 tags)
In this second part of an excerpt from Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide, Stuart Cheshire and Daniel H. Steinberg show how Java clients can browse for and resolve Zeroconf services, and how to register and add, update, and delete services with DNS TXT attributes.

jRendezvous: Java and Rendezvous Working Together (4 tags)
With Rendezvous making IP networking simple, and Java making cross platform network programming possible, a beautiful friendship emerges -- jRendezvous. It allows Java programs running anywhere (not just Mac OS X) to participate in Rendezvous networks. Java programs can listen for, and advertise, services on the network with ease. Seth Ladd shows you how this works.

A Rendezvous with Java (3 tags)
With Apple's release of the Java source code for Rendezvous, developers can create Rendezvous-enabled applications for other platforms, as well as Mac. Michael Brewer shows you how.

Understanding Zeroconf and Multicast DNS (3 tags)
Zeroconf, and its competitor UPnP, provide for automatic configuration and address allocation on either Ethernet or wireless networks. But it's a good bet that this protocol will become wildly popular in the wireless world. Here's how it works.

Rendezvous with Web Services (3 tags)
ZeroConf technology, also known as Rendezvous, is a winning combination with web services, says Max Bigatti. He demonstrates an example file sharing application that uses Java, SOAP and Rendezvous.