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Building Binary PC-BSD Packages (BSD DevCenter)
Several BSD-based distributions have emerged recently--and a few are relevant to and accessible by end users. One such is PC-BSD, whose innovations include a binary package installation system. Of course, that requires people to build binary packages for it. Fortunately, as Dru Lavigne demonstrates, doing so is both easy and addictively fun.

Making Packager-Friendly Software, Part 2 (
Packaging free and open source software for end users is both necessary and thankless. Without packagers, software could spread neither as far nor as fast as it does. Julio M. Merino Vidal explains how to make configuring, building, installing, and porting your code much easier--to allow it to spread to more users and more software ecosystems.

Making Packager-Friendly Software (
Packaging free and open source software for end users is both necessary and thankless. Without packagers, software could spread neither as far nor as fast as it does. Julio M. Merino Vidal has a secret tip for authors, though: the easier it is for packagers to package your code, the further it may spread. Here's how to make their lives easier.

DVD Playback on FreeBSD (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne delves into the world of DVD playback and tests four applications from the ports collection to find one that suits her needs.

Using Sound on FreeBSD (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne continues configuring a multimedia workstation by demonstrating how to get sound working, and looking at some of the sound-related ports in the ports collection.

Linux Compatibility on BSD for the PPC Platform: Part 3 (
Signals are the interactions between the kernel and the user program -- a program can't run without them. Emmanuel Dreyfus explains how to make your signals Linux-compatible.

Modifying a Port (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas continues his developer's tour of the BSD ports collection and shows us how to contribute to the project.

PalmOS, Half-Life Server, and Ethereal Vulnerabilities (Linux DevCenter)
Problems this week include more symlink problems with catman and dialog, buffer overflows in oops, halflifeserver, and ethereal, key problems with gnupg, problems with PalmOS devices, and a prime example of amazing vulnerabilities in third-party software packages.

Security Alerts: SAMBA, pine, ircd, and More (Linux DevCenter)
Noel Davis summarizes recent open source and Unix security-related advisories. Problems this week include symlink problems with joe, pico, and samba, a buffer overflow in bftpd, and problems with pine.

The Mac OS X Developer Tools (Mac DevCenter)
Mac OS X public beta Developer Tools put the "developer" back in OS X. Here's what's included and how to install them.

Security Alerts: Twig, Midnight Commander, and More (Linux DevCenter)
Noel Davis summarizes published open source and Unix exploits. Problems this week include arbitrary code execution in Twig, new symlink attacks, a hidden control code attack on Midnight Commander, and a LANGUAGE attack on glibc.

Security Alerts: Koules Local Root Exploit And More. (Linux DevCenter)
This week's exploits include a local root compromise in Koules 1.4, a buffer overflow in modutilities, and various problems with Alladin Ghostscript.

Security Alerts: OpenBSD Non-exploit and More (Linux DevCenter)
Noel Davis reviews the published exploits from Unix and open source. This week's Insecurities column includes a satirical non-exploit against OpenBSD

Understanding E-Mail (BSD DevCenter)
Dru takes us deep into the mysteries of E-mail in an attempt to demystify terms such as "MUA", "MTA", and "IMAP4".

Installing OCSweb on FreeBSD (BSD DevCenter)
The OCSweb package allows users to post messages, read and send e-mail, and keep calendars, all via a web browser. Unfortunately, it only runs on Linux. Michael Lucas shows how even a non-programmer can sometimes port an application to FreeBSD

Bostic on the BSD Tradition (BSD DevCenter)
An interview with BSD veteran Keith Bostic who is optimistic that FreeBSD can thrive.

Running Linux Applications on FreeBSD (BSD DevCenter)
How to use Linux Binary Compatibility.

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