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Topic: Archiving

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Managing Advanced PF Logs (BSD DevCenter)
Jacek Artymaik shows us how to implement a Perl script that reads pf logs from the pflog fifo pipe, archives logs on the monitoring firewall, and sends them to another fifo pipe so that log analysis software can pick them up for analysis.

Archiving with Pax (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne finishes up her series on archivers with pax, a versatile utility that can create both tar and cpio archives.

Archiving PF Firewall Logs (BSD DevCenter)
Jacek Artymiak tackles automating the transfer of logs from the firewall to one of the workstations connected to the internal private network segment.

Understanding CPIO (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne explains the art of using cpio to archive a list of files generated by the find or ls utilities.

Backing up Files with Tar (BSD DevCenter)
In a previous article, Dru Lavigne introduced the concept of archivers. In this article, she demonstrates the usage of the tar archiver.

Understanding Archivers (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne introduces the concept of archiving and explains which archiving utilities are available, as well as some of the differences between them.

Where the Log Files Live (BSD DevCenter)
Join Dru Lavigne as she wades through man pages and deciphers cryptic config files in a hunt to find the Unix system logger and configure it into submission.

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