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Articles about the community, quotations of community members, interviews, anything community related.

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Inside PC-BSD 1.3 (BSD DevCenter)
iXsystems' recent acquisition of PC-BSD hasn't slowed the development of the desktop-capable FreeBSD distribution. Version 1.3 is out and available. Dru Lavigne talks with PC-BSD developers about the new release and their plans to continue to make an effective, efficient, and usable free desktop operating systems.

Why iXsystems Bought PC-BSD (BSD DevCenter)
PC-BSD is a distribution of FreeBSD intended to make installing and maintaining a poweful and free Unix system easy. iXsystems is a vendor of powerful computer systems built on free Unix systems. The latter recently acquired the former. In an interview with BSD guru Dru Lavigne, the principals of both groups explain why the new collaboration makes a lot of sense.

Freedom, Innovation, and Convenience: The RMS Interview (Linux DevCenter)
Since 1984, Richard M. Stallman has fought for software freedom as a coder, a project leader, and a philosopher. The GNU GPL and GNU/Linux projects are just two results of that work. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed rms about his views on freedom, the GNU project, and the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux distributions.

Inside EuroBSDCon 2004 (BSD DevCenter)
European BSD fans recently had the opportunity to meet and talk during EuroBSDCon 2004. Federico Biancuzzi was there. Here are his thoughts from the conference and ideas on how to improve conferences for the rest of the European BSD community.

Behind DragonFly BSD (SysAdmin DevCenter)
DragonFly BSD, a recent fork of FreeBSD 4, intends to produce a modern, robust operating system by choosing better algorithms and feature sets. On the eve of the release of DragonFly BSD RC 2, Federico Biancuzzi interviewed four core-team members about their goals and progress.

An Interview with OpenBSD's Marc Espie (SysAdmin DevCenter)
As with FreeBSD's ports and NetBSD's packages, OpenBSD's ports system is a compelling reason to use it. Its designers and maintainers are, too often, unsung heroes. That's one reason Federico Biancuzzi sat down to interview OpenBSD's Marc Espie. And along the way they discuss security, licensing, and future plans for the system.

Dual-Booting FreeBSD and FreeBSD (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas explains how he dual boots FreeBSD-Current and FreeBSD-Stable.

Testing FreeBSD-Current (BSD DevCenter)
Running FreeBSD-Current isn't for the faint of heart. Michael Lucas explains who should be testing it and how they can be effective testers.

BSDCon 2002 (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas reports on what was hot at this year's BSD conference, from kernel internals and FreeBSD's PC Card system to documentation translations and BSD at work in clinics.

SETI@home (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne introduces us to the world of collaborative computing by explaining the SETI@home project.

How to Become a FreeBSD Committer (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas commits code and explains how to create an SSH key.

Contributing to BSD (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas shows what it takes for non-coders to contribute to BSD.

Finding Help on IRC (BSD DevCenter)
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is somewhat like computer geek CB radio. Michael Lucas gives a few pointers on getting started, as well as sharing his own experiences connecting to the FreeBSD help channel.

The Price Quote of Freedom (BSD DevCenter)
When proposing a free software solution to upper management, it is important to put together a realistic appraisal of the costs involved. Michael Lucas walks you through the process and helps you find hidden costs.

Selling BSD (BSD DevCenter)
When arguing for building corporate solutions on BSD, you can cite reliability and ease-of-use, but the commercial solutions spend a lot of money creating that exact same image. With BSD, the burden of proof is on you. Michael Lucas looks at how to prove yourself to managers and present your case.

FreeBSD Gaming (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas takes us on a tour of what's available in the way of games for FreeBSD.

Submitting Changes (BSD DevCenter)
Every BSD project actively seeks out user contributions. Michael Lucas tell you how to get your work noticed and accepted by committers.

Changing FreeBSD Documentation (BSD DevCenter)
If you want to update FreeBSD's documentation yourself, you must first have all the right tools. Michael Lucas shows you how to use FreeBSD's DocBook format.

An Interview With Illiad (
User Friendly creator, Illiad, talks about the roots of his famous comic strip and how he managed to succeed after numerous syndication rejections.

The FreeBSD Documentation Project (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas introduces us to the FreeBSD documentation project and helps us install a local copy.

The Universal Web Form Processor (Databases DevCenter)
Urb LeJeune embarks on a quest to create the ultimate script to process forms from web pages.

Wiki Python (Python DevCenter)
MoinMoin and ZWiki, two Python-related projects, provide collaborative environments for Web communities.

Bostic on the BSD Tradition (BSD DevCenter)
An interview with BSD veteran Keith Bostic who is optimistic that FreeBSD can thrive.

20 Years of Berkeley Unix: From AT&T-Owned to Freely Redistributable (BSD DevCenter)
An excerpt from Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, O'Reilly & Associates, first edition, January 1999.

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