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Topic: Email

Email filtering, spam, and security issues.

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Greylisting with PF (BSD DevCenter)
Greylisting--delaying mail delivery briefly per the SMTP RFCs--is an effective way to reduce the amount of incoming spam. While many greylisting solutions require customization of your SMTP server, OpenBSD's PF can do it too. Dan Langille shows how to use the powerful packet filter to identify and pass legitimate mail, delay and divert potential spammers, and throw in some OS fingerprinting to ward off certain zombie clients.

Running Cyrus IMAP (BSD DevCenter)
As laptops and mobility become more effective and prevalent, your job as a system administrator is to provide users with easy, secure access to their data. IMAP is one way to allow users to receive email wherever they go. Cyrus IMAP is a popular server, but installation and configuration is a bear. Fortunately, Francisco Reyes has the answer in this tutorial on installing and configuring Cyrus IMAP with Postfix.

How to Schmooze at OSCON (
OSCON is next week and you have people to meet, questions to ask, and assistance to offer. Where should you spend your time, and how should you start your valuable hallway, BOF, and party conversations? Robert Bernier offers a schmoozer's guide to effective conference attendance.

FreeBSD Bag of Tricks (SysAdmin DevCenter)
Software junkies like Dru Lavigne always file away interesting new programs for their bag of tricks. In this installment of FreeBSD Basics, Dru demonstrates how to use usermin for easy webmail and reveals the convenience and glory of TheOpenCD.

Improving User Passwords with apg (BSD DevCenter)
The biggest security weakness in any system is usually its users. One line of defense is choosing and enforcing a good password policy. The automatic password generator port can help your users create -- and remember -- effective passwords. Dru Lavigne demonstrates its use and configuration.

Cleaning and Customizing Your Ports (BSD DevCenter)
One of FreeBSD's biggest benefits is its ports collection. It seems like magic, but a little maintenance can make it work even better for your system. Dru Lavigne explains how to keep your ports collection clean and how to customize individual ports.

portupgrade (BSD DevCenter)
One of FreeBSD's biggest benefits is its ports collection. Perhaps the most important ports utility is portupgrade. Dru Lavigne demonstrates how you can get the most out of your ports collection.

Postfix: A Secure and Easy-to-Use MTA (BSD DevCenter)
While Sendmail runs half the mail servers in the world, there are smaller and easier-to-use mail transfer agents (MTAs). Network administrator Glenn Graham demonstrates how Postfix gives you most of the power with a fraction of the pain.

Ports Tricks (BSD DevCenter)
One of FreeBSD's biggest benefits is its ports collection. You can go years without learning more than just make install clean, but there are dozens of features built into the ports tools. Dru Lavigne demonstrates several of these tricks to simplify your life.

SMTP Proxies (BSD DevCenter)
Now that you know all about proxies, you're ready to install and use an SMTP proxy. Why would you want to? To make your life easier. Dru Lavigne explores messagewall, a flexible SMTP proxy.

Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP (
LDAP's most sensible example is, perhaps, managing contacts throughout a company. There aren't many good examples of this, however. Dustin Puryear wants to change that. In this article, he demonstrates how to build and populate a company-wide LDAP address book.

Securing Small Networks With OpenBSD, Part 3 (BSD DevCenter)
In the third installment of our series on OpenBSD networking, Jacek Artymiak examines pf rules and potential sendmail problems.

Filtering Spam with Procmail (BSD DevCenter)
Unwanted e-mail sent by advertisers is annoying and sometimes offensive. Dru Lavigne explains how to add a spam filter to procmail to keep this e-mail out of your inbox.

Procmail Basics (BSD DevCenter)
Tired of sorting though spam and virii in your inbox? Well, you don't have to any more. Dru Lavigne shows us how to set up procmail to filter and sort all of your email.

Introducing Sylpheed (Linux DevCenter)
Need a responsive, open source replacement for Outlook? The Sylpheed email client may be just what you need.

PHP Networking (PHP DevCenter)
W.J. Gilmore explains the basic PHP networking functions, including how to use PHP to send e-mail, verify e-mail addresses, call operating system functions from within a script, and concludes the article with an explanation of how to query a WHOIS database for domain information.

Understanding E-Mail (BSD DevCenter)
Dru takes us deep into the mysteries of E-mail in an attempt to demystify terms such as "MUA", "MTA", and "IMAP4".

Operating Network Services Under OpenBSD (BSD DevCenter)
Learn how to configure the basic network services for a Mail and Web Server.

Installing OCSweb on FreeBSD (BSD DevCenter)
The OCSweb package allows users to post messages, read and send e-mail, and keep calendars, all via a web browser. Unfortunately, it only runs on Linux. Michael Lucas shows how even a non-programmer can sometimes port an application to FreeBSD

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