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Topic: Kernel

The kernel is at the core of the operating system.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Making NetBSD Multiboot-Compatible (BSD DevCenter)
The i386 boot process is as crufty as you'd expect from decades of stagnation. Booting your OS could be much easier--that's why the GRUB hackers developed The Multiboot Specification. Julio M. Merino Vidal explains why Multiboot exists, what it can do for you, and how he modified the NetBSD kernel to work with it.

OpenBSD 3.7: The Wizard of OS (SysAdmin DevCenter)
Has it been six months already? OpenBSD 3.7 is ready to go as you read this. Federico Biancuzzi discusses the release with several core developers, touching on subjects such as Wi-Fi support, improved package tools, and the shipped versions of popular projects including Apache httpd,, and gcc.

Freedom, Innovation, and Convenience: The RMS Interview (Linux DevCenter)
Since 1984, Richard M. Stallman has fought for software freedom as a coder, a project leader, and a philosopher. The GNU GPL and GNU/Linux projects are just two results of that work. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed rms about his views on freedom, the GNU project, and the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux distributions.

OpenBSD 3.6 Live (SysAdmin DevCenter)
Right on schedule, the OpenBSD team plans to release version 3.6 on November 1. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed several members of the core team about new features and changes in the code and the project.

Adding System Calls (an OpenBSD Example) (BSD DevCenter)
Kernel programming sometimes feels like a dark art where application programmers should never venture, but sometimes it's the right way to solve a problem. (Oh, and it's also very interesting.) One of the easiest places to start is by adding a new system call to a kernel. Kevin Lo explains how and why, with the OpenBSD kernel.

Palmtop NetBSD (BSD DevCenter)
"Of course it runs NetBSD." NetBSD's fantastically portable, but that doesn't make it supremely easy to install on oddball hardware like a Dreamcast or a palmtop computer. Michael Lucas demonstrates cross-installation with the HP Jornada 728.

IRIX Binary Compatibility, Part 6 (BSD DevCenter)
With IRIX threads emulated, it's time to emulate share groups, a building block of parallel processing. Emmanuel Dreyfus digs deep into his bag of reverse engineering tricks to demonstrate how headers, documentation, a debugger, and a lot of luck are helping NetBSD build a binary compatibility layer for IRIX.

IRIX Binary Compatibility, Part 5 (BSD DevCenter)
How do you emulate a thread model on an operating system that doesn't support native threads (in user space, anyway)? Emmanuel Dreyfus returns with the fifth article of his series on reverse engineering and kernel programming. This time, he explains thread models and demonstrates how NetBSD emulates IRIX threads.

System Panics, Part 2: Recovering and Debugging (BSD DevCenter)
In Michael Lucas' last column, he showed us how to prepare a FreeBSD system in case of a panic. In Part 2, he explains how to get some useful information if you do suffer a system crash.

Lion Worm Continues Rampage (Linux DevCenter)
Noel Davis shows us the Lion worm; a race condition in the Linux kernel; buffer overflows in several SCO Unix utilities; a new version of MySQL that fixes a major security problem; vulnerabilities in some Cisco routers, switches, and concentrators; and problems with Raptor Firewall, CrazyWWWBoard, Solaris tip, and Pitbull LX.

Mac OS X Opens Apple to a New Audience (Mac DevCenter)
Apple has been anything but open source in the past, but with Darwin, it's breaking new ground that may attract a whole new breed of developer.

Accessing MS-DOS Filesystems (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne shows us how to access MS-DOS filesystems from BSD using the programs mtools and mfm.

The System Startup Daemon: init (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne steps us through the boot process on a BSD system and explains the init daemon.

Discovering System Processes Part II (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne takes us deeper into the realm of system processes and explains interprocess communication and signal handling.

OpenBSD Kernel Compilation and Optimization (BSD DevCenter)
Recompile your OpenBSD kernel to achieve optimum performance. David Jorm walks us through the process and shows us basic speed hacks.

NetBSD for the FreeBSD User: Building a NetBSD kernel (BSD DevCenter)
Michael Lucas compiles a custom NetBSD kernel on an Alpha Multia. He details the differences a person familiar with FreeBSD might run into.

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