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Topic: Flash

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

What Is a Flash MX Component? (Web Development DevCenter)
With the release of Flash MX, Macromedia added an extensible library of user interface widgets, known as the Flash UI Components. Colin Moock, author of ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, explains what these components are, and he includes several resources for creating and using them.

Consuming Amazon with Flash Remoting (Web Development DevCenter)
Using Flash Remoting and Web Services, you can enable a responsive UI that searches and displays Amazon results. Jason Michael Perry shows you how to build the interface and manipulate the XML Web service.

Flash MX Accessibility Issues (Web Development DevCenter)
Accessibility enables usability. Until the release of Flash MX and the Flash 6 player, at least 41 million disabled Web users could not take full advantage of Flash Web sites. But with the latest release, that's now changing. Jason Michael Perry shows you how to make your Flash sites accessible to as many visitors as possible.

Diving into Studio MX (Web Development DevCenter)
Is Studio MX easy enough that even new Web developers can create Flash-enabled sites with it? We put this question to the test, and asked David Weiss to learn Studio MX and document his experiences. Here's his tutorial.

Flash MX and the Bigger Picture: Lightweight Internet Applications (Web Development DevCenter)
The Web browser is beautiful but certainly not perfect, especially for transactions. Flash MX could help provide a better user experience by adding an application runtime engine to complement browser functionality. Timothy Appnel explains why.

A Pet Market with Flash (Web Development DevCenter)
J2EE and .NET are big-time enterprise architectures that have sample "pet stores" to show off the merits of their applications. Now Macromedia has tossed its Milk Bone in the ring with its own demonstration, "Pet Market." Dean Wampler provides an overview to this Flash-powered application.

Flash on Mobile and Embedded Devices (Web Development DevCenter)
Flash has been popular on the Web for years, but now the player is also available on mobile and embedded devices, including the Pocket PC, Sony PlayStation 2, Nokia 9200 mobile phone, and more. This means that the "mobile Flash market" is now big enough to interest developers who had stayed clear in the past. Here's how to get your feet wet.

Colin Moock on Flash MX (Web Development DevCenter)
Richard Koman talks with Colin Moock, the author of O'Reilly's Actionscript: The Definitive Guide, about Macromedia's re-christened suite of MX applications and how they can be used to develop Web services and richer interfaces.

SWF Is Not Flash (and Other Vectored Thoughts) (Web Development DevCenter)
With increased interest in SVG, some are saying Flash technology might be on its way out. "Not so fast," says Jacek Artymiak. Flash has more to offer than many realize.

PHP Powers FreeMovie API for Flash (Web Development DevCenter)
The FreeMovie project attempts to create a high–level API to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format. Unlike other libraries, FreeMovie is not written in C or C++. Instead, the first implementation of FreeMovie was written in PHP. Jacek Artymiak introduces you to the FreeMovie package and shows you how to get started.

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