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Topic: Graphics

3D and 2D graphics and animation.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

SVG On the Rise (Web Development DevCenter)
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are working their way into the fabric of the Web and mobile devices. SVG Working Group member Dean Jackson outlines SVG's progress and builds a case for its growth in popularity.

SWF Is Not Flash (and Other Vectored Thoughts) (Web Development DevCenter)
With increased interest in SVG, some are saying Flash technology might be on its way out. "Not so fast," says Jacek Artymiak. Flash has more to offer than many realize.

Generate Page Thumbnails in Adobe GoLive 6 (Web Development DevCenter)
If you're using the site management tool in GoLive 6, the File Inspector includes a Content tab, which is a very easy way to preview graphics and Web pages without opening them.

Creating Themes with CSS and JavaScript (Web Development DevCenter)
With a dash of JavaScript and a sprinkle of CSS, you can let site visitors choose various "themes" to customize the appearance of your site.

Roll Over, Rollovers -- CSS Style (Web Development DevCenter)
Rollovers are no longer the sole domain of JavaScript, according to Eric Meyer, who has devised some nifty ways of achieving the same effects with pure CSS.

Other documents about this topic:

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