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Articles about the community, quotations of community members, interviews, anything community related.

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Open Source Advocacy for the Enterprise (Linux DevCenter)
The free and open source software movements do a great job of providing software and guidance for programmers, and reach charities and educational markets fairly well. Aside from highly technical projects, there has been comparatively little attention given to Very Serious Business--and for good reason. Jono Bacon explores the motivations and values of the "enterprise" software market and considers how to evangelize it effectively.

Trust and Zeal in Open Source Advocacy (Linux DevCenter)
Advocacy is critical to the spread of open source and free software. Good advocates build trust in their audiences, explaining how, and if, F/OSS can help them solve their problems. Jono Bacon explains how to build trust and avoid overzealous advocacy.

Sowing the Seeds of Open Source Advocacy (Linux DevCenter)
Advocacy is critical to the spread of open source and free software. Good advocacy can help spread freedom and software quality, while bad advocacy can reinforce unpleasant stereotypes. Good advocacy requires far more than just being right, though. Jono Bacon explores how to approach the message and the audience.

Freedom, Innovation, and Convenience: The RMS Interview (Linux DevCenter)
Since 1984, Richard M. Stallman has fought for software freedom as a coder, a project leader, and a philosopher. The GNU GPL and GNU/Linux projects are just two results of that work. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed rms about his views on freedom, the GNU project, and the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux distributions.

Dave Whitinger: Inventing Linux News Reporting (Linux DevCenter)
In 1997, Dave Whitinger began collecting and spreading news about the adoption of the still-fledgeling Linux operating system. It grew into the immensely popular Linux Today. Dave retired from the Linux news scene, but he's returned now with a new site and fresh ideas. Tom Adelstein interviewed Dave recently on promoting Linux worldwide.

A Global Survey of Linux Distributions (Linux DevCenter)
In the English speaking world, a few Linux distributions claim the top spots. What's popular around the globe, though? Alexander Prohorenko explores some of the more popular commercial Linux distributions.

Open Source in Government: Newport News, Va. (Linux DevCenter)
Open source software is often attractive to local governments due to cost savings, stability, security, and open access. Migration is still tricky though. Andy Stein, CIO of Newport News, Va., is tackling the problems of adopting open source. In this interview with Tom Adelstein, Andy explains why local governments should form an alliance to share their knowledge and their code.

SETI@home (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne introduces us to the world of collaborative computing by explaining the SETI@home project.

The Price Quote of Freedom (BSD DevCenter)
When proposing a free software solution to upper management, it is important to put together a realistic appraisal of the costs involved. Michael Lucas walks you through the process and helps you find hidden costs.

Selling BSD (BSD DevCenter)
When arguing for building corporate solutions on BSD, you can cite reliability and ease-of-use, but the commercial solutions spend a lot of money creating that exact same image. With BSD, the burden of proof is on you. Michael Lucas looks at how to prove yourself to managers and present your case.

Using Linux to Tame the Big Hairy Beast (Linux DevCenter)
Linux and open source software are entering mainstream business practices. O'Reilly open source editor Chuck Toporek reports on Friday's keynote, "Fueling the Open Source Alternative."

An Introduction to Extreme Programming (Linux DevCenter)
When you look at it closely, Extreme Programming isn't really as extreme as it is logical. This introduction shows you the tenets of XP and its relationship to open source methods for writing software.

An Interview With Illiad (
User Friendly creator, Illiad, talks about the roots of his famous comic strip and how he managed to succeed after numerous syndication rejections.

The Universal Web Form Processor (Databases DevCenter)
Urb LeJeune embarks on a quest to create the ultimate script to process forms from web pages.

Commercial Python IDEs (Python DevCenter)
Python developers looking for a commercial IDE now have a choice, PythonWorks 1.1 or WingIDE.

Linuxcare's CTO Responds (Linux DevCenter)
Dave Sifry reacts to Tim O'Reilly's article Lessons from the Layoffs at Linuxcare.

Lessons from the Layoffs at Linuxcare (Linux DevCenter)
Open Source is a service-business, but to be successful companies must do more than tech support for open source software. Tim O'Reilly reflects on the layoffs at Linuxcare.

Interview With Matt Welsh (Linux DevCenter)
How the Linux Documentation Project evolved into a model for collaborative documentation projects.With audio

An Interview with Tim O'Reilly & Eric Raymond (Linux DevCenter)
O'Reilly Network talks with two open source leaders on how corporate America is embracing open source technologies and methodologies.With audio

Will Money Spoil Open Source? (Linux DevCenter)
A Discussion with Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann.With audio

Interview: LinuxPPC's Jeff Carr (Linux DevCenter)
Who Runs Linux on the Mac? With audio

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The Cathedral and The Bazaar
This well-known essay in many ways is responsible for defining Open Source development and gaining recognition for its merits. Raymond contrasts the Cathedral-style development model of closed or proprietary software development with the open, distributed development model that have grown up around Linux and other open source projects. Raymond believes that the open source software model produces better software because openness gives access to the software at an early stage and the more people who have that access, the better chance of rooting out problems. "The Cathedral and The Bazaar" was originally presented at the Linux Kongress in May 1997.

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Linux/Unix System Administration Certificate Series
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