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Topic: Desktop

GNOME is a desktop environment for Linux.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Bristol Switches to StarOffice (Linux DevCenter)
Bristol is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. Recently, the city council reviewed its software policies and needs and decided to switch to open document formats by using Sun's StarOffice, based on Jono Bacon recently interviewed Gavin Beckett, architect of the strategy, to discover how and why the migration was successful.

Previewing KDE 4 (Linux DevCenter)
The next major release of KDE will come out in the fall, and the developers are already planning new features and benefits. John Littler recently interviewed Aaron J. Seigo about the team's plans--and controversy surrounding upcoming ports to nonfree platforms.

Rendering Everything as Text (Linux DevCenter)
Ah, the days of plain-text everything are long gone, what with media files (hooray!) and encumbered binary blobs (boo!). Is the solution to give up your comfortable, efficient, and effective text-based tools? No way. Philip Hollenback proposes that you can render any data format to meaningful text for mail reading, indexing, and more. Here's how.

Userspace Filesystem Encryption with EncFS (Linux DevCenter)
Laptops and removable storage devices are convenient both for users and for thieves. While you can't always protect the device from wandering away, you can protect the data. EncFS, a user-level encrypted filesystem in a file, makes this possible. KIVILCIM Hindistan explains how.

Adventures in Migrating to New Linux Distributions (Linux DevCenter)
Linux doesn't stand still, whether it's the kernel or GNU/Linux distributions. If you're a developer or a hobbyist who likes to stay up to date, you can't stand still, either. Upgrading isn't always easy, though. Kevin Farnham recently switched distributions several times; here are some hard-earned lessons from the process.

Use Your Digital Camera with Linux (Linux DevCenter)
With the holidays over, it's time to pause, reflect, and clean up a bit. Why not download the photos from your digital camera? Don't worry, it's easy under Linux. Robert Bernier demonstrates the killer combination of gphoto2, ImageMagick, and digiKam.

A Firm Foundation for the Linux Desktop (Linux DevCenter)
Nearly every advance of Linux, open source, and free software on the desktop owes a debt to the X Window System. Too often, this debt goes unacknowledged. With the birth of earlier this year, a foundational but once-stagnant project prepares to improve itself and its code to help free desktops everywhere. Andy Oram reports.

Storming the Microsoft Edifice (Linux DevCenter)
In the battle for open source and open standards on user desktops, applications such as and Mozilla Firefox are stealthily winning small skirmishes. Sam Hiser describes the situation in terms of Monty Python's "Trojan rabbit."

A Day in the Life of Dave the Dollar (Linux DevCenter)
In the world of Linux financial software, GnuCash stands out as a powerful but esoteric project. For users who never learned financial bookkeeping (and many who did), double-entry accounting is a difficult subject to master before using the program. As Breckin Loggins explains, though, it's much easier than it first appears.

Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing (Linux DevCenter)
Desktop publishing came of age in the '80s, but open source options concentrated mostly on TeX and LaTeX. For users who want a friendlier interface, Scribus aims squarely at PageMaker and QuarkXPress. Howard Wen explores the features of Scribus and talks to its developers.

Windows Compatibility for the Linux Desktop (SysAdmin DevCenter)
Linux may have been ready for your desktop for years. Unfortunately, proprietary data formats lock people into less-capable platforms, but more and more, software allows you to run Windows programs on Linux systems. David Collier-Brown surveys the situation and demonstrates how to run MS Visio and Project on Linux desktops via Win4Lin.

Unfinished Business: The One Missing Piece (Linux DevCenter)
With all of the work done on Linux in the past few years, there's only one missing piece preventing widespread adoption in the enterprise -- directory services. David HM Spector explores the history and current state of directory services, explaining why it's important to interoperate with Active Directory.

Bayesian Filtering with bogofilter and Sylpheed Claws (Linux DevCenter)
Spam's not just a theft of resources, it's also highly annoying. Fortunately, probability filters can distinguish between good and bad messages with stunning accuracy. Oktay Altunergil explains bogofilter, a popular filtering package and how to integrate it with the Sylpheed Claws mail agent.

Ximian GNOME: Welcome to Your Desktop (Linux DevCenter)
Daniel Solin follows up his GNOME installation article and shows us how to configure the Ximian GNOME desktop.

Linux Dreams Big, Gets Small, and Struggles in the Middle (
Open-source technology is ready for big business, but how do Linux developers convince IT managers to them to let them behind the firewall? Derrick Story finds some persuasive arguments at LinuxWorld.

The Gnome Foundation: Is 'As Good' Good Enough? (Linux DevCenter)
The newly formed Gnome Foundation aims to build a desktop environment for Linux that's as easy to use as Microsoft's Windows. Will that be good enough?With audio

Helix GNOME: Unix For Humans (Linux DevCenter)
Daniel Solin introduces a special distribution of the GNOME desktop developed to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-install open source desktop.

Interview: Mendel Rosenblum of VMware (Linux DevCenter)
VMWare's Chief Scientist explains the virtual machine that runs multiple operating systems on your desktop.

VMware and My Alien Dream (Linux DevCenter)
Years ago, I dreamed an alien tinkered under the hood of my computer, leaving it running Unix, Windows, OS/2, MacOS...

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GNOME User's Guide
A guide for new and advanced users of the GNOME desktop environment. It describes how to setup graphical applications and use its control panel and file manager.

KDE User's Guide
A new user's guide to the K Desktop Environment, covering the installation, an overview of the user interface and instructions on how to customize the desktop. It describes a number of desktop applications such as Kmail. [Source: KDE Team]

KDE Quick Start Guide
An introduction to the K Desktop Environment that covers the basics of using the desktop and its applications. [Source: KDE Team]

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