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Topic: Email

Email filtering, spam, and security issues.

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How to Schmooze at OSCON (
OSCON is next week and you have people to meet, questions to ask, and assistance to offer. Where should you spend your time, and how should you start your valuable hallway, BOF, and party conversations? Robert Bernier offers a schmoozer's guide to effective conference attendance.

Rendering Everything as Text (Linux DevCenter)
Ah, the days of plain-text everything are long gone, what with media files (hooray!) and encumbered binary blobs (boo!). Is the solution to give up your comfortable, efficient, and effective text-based tools? No way. Philip Hollenback proposes that you can render any data format to meaningful text for mail reading, indexing, and more. Here's how.

Building an Advanced Mail Server, Part 3 (Linux DevCenter)
While it'd be nice to pretend you never receive spam or viruses, server-side filters are a necessary evil. In the final installment of Building an Advanced Mail Server, Joe Stump demonstrates how to install and configure SpamAssassin and ClamAV.

Building an Advanced Mail Server, Part 2 (Linux DevCenter)
A modern mail server just isn't quite complete unless you allow your users to roam; while secure IMAP works for some people, others swear by webmail. In the second installment of "Building an Advanced Mail Server," Joe Stump explains how to install, secure, and extend your mail server with SquirrelMail.

Building an Advanced Mail Server (Linux DevCenter)
Email is crucial to many businesses. Setting up a mail server doesn't have to be difficult, though. Joe Stump demonstrates how to install and configure qmail with support for virtual domains, IMAP, POP3, and SSL.

Defending Your Site Against Spam, Part 2 (Linux DevCenter)
Dru Nelson recently had spammers attempt to attack his network, but this time, he didn't notice until he checked the logs. Why? He's using qmail and Trustic. Read on to find out how they can protect you from unwanted e-mail.

Defending Your Site Against Spam (Linux DevCenter)
To users, unsolicited commercial e-mail is an annoyance. To mail server administrators, it's a threat. Dru Nelson recently had his network attacked by spammers. He explains the various defenses he considered for protecting against future attacks.

Securing Small Networks With OpenBSD, Part 3 (BSD DevCenter)
In the third installment of our series on OpenBSD networking, Jacek Artymiak examines pf rules and potential sendmail problems.

Procmail Basics (BSD DevCenter)
Tired of sorting though spam and virii in your inbox? Well, you don't have to any more. Dru Lavigne shows us how to set up procmail to filter and sort all of your email.

Introducing Sylpheed (Linux DevCenter)
Need a responsive, open source replacement for Outlook? The Sylpheed email client may be just what you need.

PHP Networking (PHP DevCenter)
W.J. Gilmore explains the basic PHP networking functions, including how to use PHP to send e-mail, verify e-mail addresses, call operating system functions from within a script, and concludes the article with an explanation of how to query a WHOIS database for domain information.

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