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Topic: Mail Handling on OS X

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Improving the Outlook for Entourage (Mac DevCenter)
Switching from the PC to the Mac is relatively painless for many users--that is unless they want to import their Windows Outlook data into Entourage X. Bottom line: it's ugly. Fortunately, an independent AppleScripter, Paul Berkowitz, has stepped forward with a solution. Dale Dougherty tells his story.

Taming the Entourage Database (Mac DevCenter)
Lurking beneath Entourage X's Aqua interface is a complex database handling all of your mail and contact info. And like any other DB, you should back up and optimize on a regular schedule. Here's how to prevent email disaster on your Mac.

Using IMAP on Mac OS X (Mac DevCenter)
IMAP is a powerful alternative to POP3 for your personal mail handling. Mac OS X's can handle both protocols. Which one is right for you?

Secure Mail Reading on Mac OS X (Mac DevCenter)
You can have secure email using the Mail application in Mac OS X. Jason McIntosh shows you how to shore up your security and gives you an introduction to SSH on Mac OS X.

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