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Topic: Multimedia

Audio, video and graphics applications for Linux.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

An Introduction to iMovie (Mac DevCenter)
iMovie makes editing digital video easier than ever. Here's a primer covering the basics of this powerful iApp.

CrossOver Brings QuickTime Movies to Linux: Part 1 (Linux DevCenter)
Until recently, QuickTime movie playback was limited to Windows PCs and Macs. But the CrossOver plug-in attempts to bring native QT functionality to the Linux platform. Here's an introduction to CrossOver and a look at what QuickTime can bring to open-source computing.

Digital Slide Shows (Mac DevCenter)
In this first installment of the "QuickTime Authoring" column, Derrick Story shows you how to create digital slide shows -- they're easier than you think.

Tilting A Cube (Mac DevCenter)
O'Reilly Network Publisher Dale Dougherty shows us another side of the G4 cube, plus he discusses iDVD and his experiences at Macworld SF 2001.

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