Topic: XUL

eXtensible User-interface Language. An XML markup language developed by the Mozilla team that lets you create interfaces based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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Remote Application Development with Mozilla (Mozilla DevCenter)
This article explores the uses for remote XUL (loaded from a Web server), contrasts its capabilities with those of local XUL (installed on a user's computer), explains how to deploy remote XUL, and gives examples of existing applications.

XUL Tools and What They Mean (Mozilla DevCenter)
Don't get your widgets and your skins confused. Ian Oeschger expalains the various XUL components and what they do.

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Fooling with XUL managing editor Edd Dumbill takes a hack at using XUL to alter the sidebar in the Mozilla browser. [Source:]

The XUL Programmer's Reference Manual
An online reference manual for working in XUL, the XML-based User Interface Language. [Source:]

XUL Tutorial
Neil Deakin's very valuable and well-written introduction to the eXtensible User-interface Language.