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Web Design and Development
Getting Started

Topic: Getting Started

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Open Content Syndication (OCS)
Open Content Syndication (OCS) is an application of XML. The OCS Directory format is designed to enable channel listings to be constructed for use by portal sites, client based headline software and other similar applications. [Source: Internet Alchemy]

Using RSS News Feeds
Jonathan Eisenzopf takes us through a the writing of a short Perl script (less than 100 lines) that retrieves an XML RSS file from the Web or local file system and converts it to HTML. [Source: WebReference]

RSS and You
RSS is an XML application that describes web sites as channels, which can act as feeds to a user's site. Chris Nandor explains how to use RSS in Perl and how he uses it to build portals. [Source: Perl.Com]

Making Headlines with RSS: Using Rich Site Summaries To Draw New Visitors
"The Web also offers a new open-ended syndication model that's hardly traditional." [Source: Web Techniques]

Self-Service Syndication with ICE
"Building Informative Web Pages and Catalogs Automatically" [Source: Web Techniques]

How to hook into the UserLand.Com content flow thru XML, XML-RPC and SOAP. [Source: Userland]

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