Safari Bookshelf

The Safari Bookshelf is an electronic reference library for programmers and IT professionals. A Safari subscription gives you complete access to the electronic versions of over 3,600+ of the latest and greatest books from these publishers:

O'Reilly | Addison-Wesley | Adobe Press | Cisco Press | Java Press | Macromedia Press | Microsoft Press | New Riders | No Starch | Novell
Press | Peachpit Press | Premier Press | Prentice Hall | Prima Publishing | Que | Sams | SitePoint | Syngress and Wharton School Publishing

Safari subscribers also have access to the following premium services:

Immediate access to bestsellers

Log onto Safari today and you'll have access to the current bestselling books by leading publishers.

Free chapter downloads

Safari Max subscribers get five FREE chapter downloads per month, and can purchase tokens for additional downloads.

Big savings on print books

Max subscribers get 35% off orders of two or more O'Reilly books, and 30% off single book orders.

Save time

No need to sift through piles of books, wait on overnight book shipments, or scrape together information from message boards and colleagues.

Eliminate errors

Cut and paste code directly. Save time. Eliminate programming errors.

Save money

Avoid costly delays that result from picking up erroneous code from unreliable sources. Safari searches titles from the publishers you have already grown to trust.

Stay current

New books are added in conjunction with, or sometimes in advance of, their print publication dates. Safari helps you stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology curve.

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